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Talking and Listening

Small talk is painful. It is social dentistry. Other forms of talking, however, have much potential. Talking is the way we communicate most easily and serves as a social currency. But what is actually going on when we talk? Many of us haven’t thought about this much. It is as intuitive for us now as tying our shoelaces--but not all of us learned how to tie our shoelaces the same way. We all are way more aff ...

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Words I Want to Drop-Kick

Words can be powerful, or useless. It just depends. What worries me, though, is the pervasiveness of certain words and phrases that seem untruthful to me and just sort of “bleh.” Particular words and phrases have somehow become social norms but don’t hold any weight. They are coffee stains in our conversations.  If I had Will Smith’s memory-erasing pen from Men in Black, these are some of the words and phra ...

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Who is John Mayer?

Last week, when I saw a promotional photograph for the new John Mayer record “Born and Raised,” I laughed out loud.  It’s not that there is anything particularly funny or embarrassing about this photograph, it’s just that I was really, really confused. The promo was from the music video from his new single, “Shadow Days,” which features Mayer traveling across the western part of the US with shoulder-length ...

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It’s Better to Have Lin-ed and Lost Than to Never Have Lin-ed At All: Reflections on Jeremy Lin

Two months ago, what became widely known as “Linsanity” was birthed to the unexpecting NBA universe.  Jeremy Lin, an unheralded point guard for the New York Knicks, was thrust into the starting line-up seemingly out of desperation as the Knicks were slumping.  You know sometimes when people hit the TV to try and get better reception?  That’s what Coach Mike D’Antoni did with the Knicks and it worked.   Jere ...

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The Clean Car Correlation

The cleanliness of a man’s car is directly correlated with how he is doing with the ladies (you can probably stop reading this if you are A) OCD or B) A married man with children).  For the rest of the single world, I think this makes sense. I’m sure there is a mathematical equation for most of us that would be able to quantify the number of dates we’ve been on recently based off the amount of empty fast fo ...

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