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Summer Anthem Power Rankings

In addition to vacations, pools, beaches, and barbecues, summer has given us some great anthems with which to celebrate the season. A truly great summer hit has got to be more than just a catchy pop song. It must have that indefinable ‘X-factor’ that causes it to repeat endlessly in our heads, that urges us to crank up the volume and roll down the windows, and that commands us to drop what we’re doing and s ...

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Which Values Are Legitimate In a Pluralistic Society?

If you have ever engaged in a discussion concerning any number of hot-button political issues you have almost inevitably spoken or heard a declaration to the effect of: “You can believe whatever you want, but you can’t impose your beliefs on other people.” Until relatively recently, I would wholeheartedly agree with this assertion and would often be the one saying it. The more I think about it, however, the ...

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In Memoriam

Days after the war in Afghanistan claimed its 3000th coalition casualty, millions of Americans enjoy the first great beach weekend of the year, the introduction to Hollywood’s blockbuster summer season, and a time of barbecues, baseball games,  family, and friends.  For many, the long weekend is the first taste of summer and is a sweet taste of good times ahead. Were it not for one of my best friends servin ...

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Today Matters

One of the first days of medical school we were counseled by a physician on the difficulty and frustration one can experience when dealing with patients: “How many of you have heard that it is recommended that you get an hour of exercise 5 days a week?” All hands went up. “How many of you agree that everyone should get an hour of exercise 5 days a week?” Nearly all the hands went up. “How many of you actual ...

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Health, Body Image, and Gastric Bypass – Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, Literally?

It’s no secret that America has an obesity problem. Alarmingly high numbers of people, including children, are suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other complications linked to weight. When looking to reverse this dangerous trend, the two hated words that inevitably come up are ‘diet’ and ‘exercise.’ Ask the 35% of adult Americans who are obese or the 34% more that are overweight, and they w ...

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The Hunger Games

Try describing the plot of The Hunger Games to someone unfamiliar with the series and you might surprise yourself with how disturbing this young adult book is.  I’ll give it a try (don’t worry if you haven’t read or seen it yet, I’m not giving anything away): “A teenage girl enters an annual competition with 23 other teenagers in which they all must fight to the death and the winner is the last survivor.” O ...

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