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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch the NBA This Year

You don't watch NBA basketball. You think the players are selfish and overpaid. You think they don't play hard until the playoffs. I understand. I hardly watched much NBA over the decade, for the same reasons. But I've re-discovered my love for the NBA. Last year, I got roped back in. Here are three reasons why you should start watching the NBA again. 3. The Knicks are good. Rasheed Wallace lives. The Knick ...

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It’s Better to Have Lin-ed and Lost Than to Never Have Lin-ed At All: Reflections on Jeremy Lin

Two months ago, what became widely known as “Linsanity” was birthed to the unexpecting NBA universe.  Jeremy Lin, an unheralded point guard for the New York Knicks, was thrust into the starting line-up seemingly out of desperation as the Knicks were slumping.  You know sometimes when people hit the TV to try and get better reception?  That’s what Coach Mike D’Antoni did with the Knicks and it worked.   Jere ...

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Going All In: The Runner and the Shorts

I did it.  After several years of labeling myself as a “runner,” I finally started wearing the REALLY short shorts.  I know you are familiar with them…the ones where you can almost see the person’s rear end...not quite though…not quite…but, almost.  I’ve only been wearing the standard black ones thus far, but I think a more brightly colored model will be brought into the rotation in the near future. Looking ...

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Indifference Isn’t An Option: Why Hockey Might be More Awesome Than You Think

“Let’s go CAPS!” The refrain pervaded the air while a vuvuzela kept the tempo. The crowd cried out in unison, pumped up to watch their team play.  Grown, bearded men in hockey sweaters with stern faces filled the arena.  The common folk of the greater Washington, DC area had come out of the woodwork (and perhaps the actual woods) for hockey, a sport that is adored by a select contingent in the US[tip direct ...

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Football and the Meaning of Life

I suppose there are many reasons for football’s singular dominance over mass sporting entertainment, but two immediately come to mind. For one, football is distinctly American. Our quadrennial flirtation with the beautiful game notwithstanding, the mere sight of some Latinate hunk writhing on the pitch in the façade of pain reminds us of what we’ve always suspected about soccer: it’s strictly for pansies. S ...

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