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We Are What We Listen To

I recently had an experience that can only be described as surreal, and I’d like to tell you about it. A few weeks ago I was reading Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Schreber. He wrote it to prove to the early-20th century German court system that he was sane enough to continue his service as a judge. What ensues is a sort of systematic theology resulting from his time spent pondering in an asylum. S ...

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Open Mic Night

Turn on the radio. Now turn it off. In one hour turn on the turn it off again. Did you hear something familiar? It could very well be you heard the same chord progression, the same beat, the same artist, even the same song. After all, they call it Top 40 for a reason. 40 is not a disputable number, and you’re bound to hear one of those exclusive tracks in the airwaves around you. Let me clarify ...

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My Lyrical Education

12 notes arranged in some amalgamation to transmit beauty, feeling, inspiration. An unspeakable message penned through airwaves. Or perhaps a calling to create or destroy. Music. I’m a musician, and growing up, when I heard a song, my ears would gravitate to what was going on melodically, harmonically, in terms of dynamics. Lyrics were always secondary. Being raised in a musical environment of jazz and clas ...

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