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Now Boarding, Classism

Inequality is best dealt with exposed. Racism, ageism, sexism and other -isms have all at one time or another been swept under the rug to one day be revealed as the hidden dirt in need of an overhaul. I wouldn’t dare to claim that the aforementioned partialities have been made extinct, but there is a type of inequality that often flies by our noses unnoticed. We watch it happen and the eccentricities of the ...

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For Love of the Game

There’s a slight chill in the air as I lean forward in my seat on a Saturday evening. It’s good to be back in Yankee stadium. With my dad by my side, a mounting buzz fills the air and my heart begins to accelerate. The Bronx Bombers are down, but in the bottom of the ninth threatening to come back and tie things up. Could they do it? Many have written about the beauty of baseball, and though I’m sure much o ...

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My Lyrical Education

12 notes arranged in some amalgamation to transmit beauty, feeling, inspiration. An unspeakable message penned through airwaves. Or perhaps a calling to create or destroy. Music. I’m a musician, and growing up, when I heard a song, my ears would gravitate to what was going on melodically, harmonically, in terms of dynamics. Lyrics were always secondary. Being raised in a musical environment of jazz and clas ...

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