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Memory: A Simple Observation

I think that many of us have our soapboxes, trivial facts, or observations that we routinely bring into conversations.  I have several that I keep on reserve for appropriate social gatherings.  One topic that has maintained a regular spot in my repertoire throughout the years deals with memory.  Basically, I think it’s fascinating and strange how much we forget.  I actually could probably search for some ki ...

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Cooking: A Break from Guilt

When standing inside, the wood paneling and rustic feel of my one bedroom, duplex apartment might make you think that you were in some sort of log cabin atop a mountain.  However, once you step outside, you would feel the thick muggy air and see the hordes of undergrads in bright colored tank tops.  You would think to yourself, “This is definitely not a mountain.”  You might also think to yourself, “How did ...

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