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Got G.o.T.? – The Ghost of Harrenhal

What did you think was going to happen?  Melisandre’s demon-spawn was going to talk to Renly?  It was sad to see him go, he was beginning to become one of the few likable characters on this show of ours[tip direction="s" text="definitely the second funniest, after Tyrion, of course."]1[/tip].  So just as it was beginning, The War of the Five Kings is back to The War of the Four Kings.  Nerd Alert: In the bo ...

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Got G.o.T.? – Garden of Bones

Well folks, there you have it.  It took 14 episodes, but Game of Thrones may have finally lost its mainstream appeal.  This week’s episode left us with Melisandre, nobody’s favorite Red Priestess, reenacting nobody’s favorite scene from The Miracle of Life, giving birth to a crawling black demon[tip direction="s" text="an extremely premature one at that."]1[/tip].  This is a massive turning point for many f ...

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Got G.o.T.? – What Is Dead May Never Die

First, I would like to apologize on behalf of our Editor-in-Chief for the delay of last week's article.  Second, I would like to thank "Any Reasonable Female" for her comment on said article, regarding Saturday Night Live's Game of Thrones sketch.  In case you missed it, a fake behind-the-scenes of the show reveals the creative producers; author George R.R. Martin, played perfectly by Bobby Moynihan, who ma ...

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Got G.o.T.? – The Night Lands

Another episode, another case of incest and baby murder.  Well, technically the baby carried away by a white walker wasn’t murdered yet, but I can’t imagine he’s bringing it to some beyond-the-wall orphanage[tip direction="s" text="although that could make for an entertaining spin-off."]1[/tip].  On top of this, we’ve got pervy Theon groping his cabby from the backseat of her horse, only to discover later t ...

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Got G.o.T.? The North Remembers

4.22 million people tuned in to Sunday’s episode, the first of Season 2.  The highest ratings of any episode in Season 1 were for the finale, which drew 3.04 million.[tip direction="s" text="Both beat out Sunday’s Mad Men, which only received 2.94 million viewers."]1[/tip] I think it’s safe to assume there were plenty of first-time viewers, and I also think many of those first-time viewers won’t be tuning i ...

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Got G.o.T.? A Nerd’s Take on HBO’s Game of Thrones

Let me start off by explaining my deep hatred of spoilers.  I would rather drink spoiled milk than encounter a spoiled plotline.  I wish I grew up in a cave so I could have seen Star Wars without knowing Darth Vader was Luke’s father.  My hatred of spoilers is so extreme, that after seeing the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, I bought all 5 books of A Song of Ice and Fire and read all 5204 pages in ab ...

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