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In Defense of Sincerity: A Review of “Anarchy, My Dear” by Say Anything

When Say Anything’s new album, Anarchy, My Dear, dropped on March 13th, I went looking for reviews--not really to know what it sounded like, but because I wanted to hear what people were saying about it. I love Say Anything, but I have the distinct impression that most of my friends view my affection for the band with a mixture of suspicion and indulgence, probably the same two emotions most critics betray ...

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Football and the Meaning of Life

I suppose there are many reasons for football’s singular dominance over mass sporting entertainment, but two immediately come to mind. For one, football is distinctly American. Our quadrennial flirtation with the beautiful game notwithstanding, the mere sight of some Latinate hunk writhing on the pitch in the façade of pain reminds us of what we’ve always suspected about soccer: it’s strictly for pansies. S ...

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