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We Are What We Listen To

I recently had an experience that can only be described as surreal, and I’d like to tell you about it. A few weeks ago I was reading Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Schreber. He wrote it to prove to the early-20th century German court system that he was sane enough to continue his service as a judge. What ensues is a sort of systematic theology resulting from his time spent pondering in an asylum. S ...

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Deadly Divergence: A Response to a Column

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mark Earley’s recent piece analyzing the nature of rights within our current political drama. I found myself chuckling at his mock Bill of Guarantees and betraying a significant portion of my identity as I yelled, “Yes, and Amen!” like a Baptist on Easter while watching him gently unfold the difference between positive and negative rights. So while this is deemed a response it m ...

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The iPad and the Olympics

I care way more about the new iPad that came out this past month than the Olympics that will take place this summer. Though this sentiment may be strange, I’d bet against more young people knowing both season—summer—and host—London—of this year’s Olympics than knowing that the new iPad has an undeniably impressive “retina display.” Yet it’s also natural for us to uniformly exalt the Olympics as a more prest ...

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