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The Modern Vampire

Vampires are utterly fascinating.  Along with teenage girls across the nation, I have been gobbling up vampire literature and watching all the re-creations of this once-horrific monster of superstition.  Unlike my contemporary group of teenagers, I am not just caught up in idolizing the suave Robert Pattinson. In fact, there is something about these blood-suckers that I relate to, something just… human.  As ...

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The Curse of Middle Class

We are becoming a people characterized by obesity; I am not referring to stretched waistlines, but to our insatiable appetites of all kinds.  We are a people who have forgotten the meaning of enough.  In a conversation between authors Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller, Vonnegut claims that their host, a rich hedge fund manager, makes more in one day than Heller would in his career of book sales.  Heller wisel ...

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‘Til Later In Life Do We Part

As I sat to watch the newest chick-flick to hit red box, I couldn’t help but let my expectations soar out in front me as I thought about the title and all that it could mean. “The Vow.”  Maybe, just maybe, could the title refer to the promise and commitment of marriage?  This is a romance after all.  Maybe this will be the movie to portray characters who actually look at the vows, who read what they say, wh ...

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