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The Angry Nerd Diaries: Alone In My Bat-Dreams

The Angry Nerd Diaries: Alone In My Bat-Dreams

Dear Diary,

I have been having my bat-dreams again.

This is strange, because unlike any other Batman movie ever released, I have seen very little footage from the film.  In fact, I’ve only heard the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  I actually turned my head and averted my eyes because I didn’t want it to give anything away.  I am taking this way too seriously which just leaves me incredibly vulnerable to disappointment and frustration.  My most recent bat-dream involved me being at the theater not really knowing I was about to watch The Dark Knight Rises.  Then I struggled to find a perfect seat.  I literally freaked out when this man sent his 3 young kids to sit by me.  He was nice about it though and I felt bad for my reaction.  I have been having dreams like that for the last 6 months or so.  This is too much fandom for even me to handle.  What happens when you base your entire world on a reality that doesn’t really exist?  You develop all kinds of unpleasant neuroses which make you feel even more isolated and alone than ever before.  The gamble could work my way though.  I may like the movie so much that I may not want to leave that imaginary world.  That’s what repeat viewings are for!

I am not quite sure how to write the rest of this without sounding like a villain from one of the movies I am about to write about but I guess that cannot be helped. You either die a hero, or live to see yourself become the villain.

So my evil plot to destroy Spiderman has failed—miserably. Last time I wrote, I detailed my frustration with this reboot flagrantly taking its cues from The Dark Knight. The Amazing Spiderman opened recently and made a ton of money.  Put frankly, it annoys me that they rebooted the franchise so soon and ripped off Batman Begins in the process.  I feel that Sony forced the movie down America’s throat for a full year.  I have a pretty high tolerance but I was sick of hearing about the movie.  Seriously.  Sick!

How could I not want to see a new Spiderman movie?  A movie I am sure is good and I know I will like?  It’s sour grapes!  They ripped off Batman Begins, fine.  But the fact that the marketing ploy worked and the movie made so much money really sticks in my craw!  (Granted no one is saying how many tickets were sold in relation to the inflated high price of IMAX and 3D showings.  That would be too honest.)  I like Spiderman but even I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.  Did the previous three movies mean nothing?  I cannot believe the rest of America didn’t feel the same way.  But what do I know?

I am securely in the camp of DC Comics.  It is annoying to see Marvel with such a stranglehold over the world’s cineplexes.  DC has some of the best comic book characters yet only two have been big hits.  So once more, it is all on Batman’s caped shoulders to bring some respectability to the fans of DC this summer.  And it won’t be easy.  If Spiderman and Avengers can do big numbers, I am sure people will turn out for Batman as well.  But there is a lot more for Batman to live up to since the last movie was so well received. Talk about a tough act to follow!  I truly hope they can do it because the general public will be merciless.  Just having “rises” in the title will probably have some wicked film critic giddy with potential negative punned headlines if they do not like the movie (or like it even a fraction less than the last one).

I am actually not looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises.  What should be exciting and fun is the exact opposite.  If I had access to anti-anxiety medication, I would take it just to get through the first viewing.  It’s agonizing.  I have to be there early to get my seat (6th row on the left side).  Then I spend the next 20 to 30 minutes freaking out about the wrong people sitting near to me.  The wait for the movie to start after the trailers is eternal.  It’s really very stressful for me.  It won’t be fun.  THEN I have to worry about the movie actually being any good.

Wish me luck (at least mentally), because I don’t know if you’ll ever heard from me again even if I survive July 20th.

Tee Poplion

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Tee Poplion lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he works at Loyola University New Orleans. Though his age is classified, his interests include TV, movies, comics, and music.

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