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Got G.o.T.? – The Old Gods and the New

Got G.o.T.? – The Old Gods and the New

I never understood why TV show recaps come out the day after every new episode.  We just watched it, do we really need a recap right now?  That’s why, as my gift to you, I’m writing this week’s Got G.o.T.? almost a full week after episode 6.  You’re welcome.  Seriously though, this week’s delay was caused by two factors; work, and the episode itself.  Work, because I was in a week long meeting with my computer hooked up to a projector, and I don’t think Game of Thrones is very big in the construction industry.  The episode, because it was the best episode of the series thus far, but also the least like the book.  This created some sort of mind-numbing paradox.  I loved season 1, so I read the books.  I loved the books, so I rewatch season 1.  I love season 1 even more, because of how true to the books it is.  Now I love season 2 more than season 1, but it’s straying from the books.  I feel like Marty McFly, having been to the future, only to see the present playing out differently than expected.  What do you mean someone stole Daenerys’ dragons?  What do you mean Biff married my mom?

Nerd Alert:

<rant>No, her dragons never get stolen, and, more significantly, none of Dany’s people die.  Jon Snow lets the gingerling get away.  Arya chooses someone else to be assassinated.  Tywin Lannister is never even at Harrenhal.  Theon doesn’t kill Rodrik.  Osha doesn’t seduce Theon.  There’s a handful of major characters who are apparently being left out.<rant>

The title of this week’s episode fits perfectly with my struggles.  The Old Gods and the New.  I guess I’d be a follower of the old gods (the books), while HBO is introducing the new gods (the show).  I wanted this weekly piece to supplement the series with my knowledge of the books.  Now, I feel like that is no longer significant.  I’m going to hold tight and see what happens on the next episode.  Will things get back on track?  Will the show decide to go do its own thing?  Will George R.R. Martin finally have the coronary he’s been working on for 60 years?  Part of me hopes the plot gets back to the book, but I can’t deny how great this past episode was.  Let’s take a quick breather and regroup next week.

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