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Avenge Me! – The Angry Nerd Diaries

Avenge Me! – The Angry Nerd Diaries

Dear Diary,

I hope that you have been well.  I’m accustomed to using this space to share only the deepest truths of my being .  So it should come as no surprise that despite everything happening in the world, the one thing that has been on my mind and annoying me is the fact that Marvel Comics movies pose a viable threat to Batman as the superhero king of the box office!  I promised myself I’d never get riled up over stuff like this again, but it’s happening.  The Avengers is being released today and it will be a massive hit.  Strangely, I have been fairly ambivalent about it.  I guess it has been alluded to in so many movies since 2008 that I am tired of hearing about it.  The marketing for the movie has been serious overkill, but I think it will be a good movie with lots of humor which makes it more likely to be a big smash.

Written and directed by Joss Whedon (Firefly, The Cabin in the Woods), I’m not surprised that advanced reception has been positive.  I am very familiar with his work and he’s good.  What annoys me is that Batman (The Dark Knight in particular) remains the standard of comparison for all superhero movies now.  For years, I’ve always known that Batman’s worse enemy would be himself, as people compare the new and final movie to TDK.  But Spiderman is also being rebooted, opening the same month as The Dark Knight Rises.  I love Spiderman too, diary, but I am pissed because the new movie is clearly “inspired” by Batman Begins and TDK.  The other movies ripped off the original Superman and Batman movies and now they are at it again.  I know it will be a really good movie because it is darker and grittier than the other Spiderman movies.  So it would bother me if the new movie stole Batman’s thunder without people realizing that the new Spiderman movie only exists because of the quality (and billions of dollars) generated by the newer Batman movies!  I guess imitation is the best form of flattery, but the sad truth remains that Marvel has not had any real duds the last couple of years (not counting Ghost Rider 2, which I don’t), and now they have the marketing power of Disney behind them.  I think DC has a much better roster of superheroes, but heaven knows Batman can’t fight every battle alone!  Marvel will be the clear winner for years to come.

Oh yeah, there is a new Superman movie coming out in June 2013.  It is being produced by the same Batman team and, not surprisingly, will take a cue from those movies.  I am excited by it simply for the fact that it will give Superman a new rebirth.  This has taken way too long and Superman Returns was a seriously embarrassing homage (okay, RIP OFF) of the Christopher Reeve movies.

I am not sure why I feel so passionate about these things, but it smacks of misplaced vicarious living.  Too bad I am not into football or a fandom that is more widely accepted.

Tee Poplion


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Tee Poplion lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he works at Loyola University New Orleans. Though his age is classified, his interests include TV, movies, comics, and music.

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