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The Angry Nerd Diaries: Alone In My Bat-Dreams

Dear Diary, I have been having my bat-dreams again. This is strange, because unlike any other Batman movie ever released, I have seen very little footage from the film.  In fact, I’ve only heard the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  I actually turned my head and averted my eyes because I didn’t want it to give anything away.  I am taking this way too seriously which just leaves me incredibly vulnerable to ...

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‘Til Later In Life Do We Part

As I sat to watch the newest chick-flick to hit red box, I couldn’t help but let my expectations soar out in front me as I thought about the title and all that it could mean. “The Vow.”  Maybe, just maybe, could the title refer to the promise and commitment of marriage?  This is a romance after all.  Maybe this will be the movie to portray characters who actually look at the vows, who read what they say, wh ...

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Avenge Me! – The Angry Nerd Diaries

Dear Diary, I hope that you have been well.  I'm accustomed to using this space to share only the deepest truths of my being .  So it should come as no surprise that despite everything happening in the world, the one thing that has been on my mind and annoying me is the fact that Marvel Comics movies pose a viable threat to Batman as the superhero king of the box office!  I promised myself I'd never get ril ...

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The Hunger Games

Try describing the plot of The Hunger Games to someone unfamiliar with the series and you might surprise yourself with how disturbing this young adult book is.  I’ll give it a try (don’t worry if you haven’t read or seen it yet, I’m not giving anything away): “A teenage girl enters an annual competition with 23 other teenagers in which they all must fight to the death and the winner is the last survivor.” O ...

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Longing in Paris

There’s a lot to like about Woody Allen’s latest film, Midnight in Paris. So much so that one might name an online journal after the main character. Owen Wilson plays Gil Pender, an American screenwriter who dreams of being a great novelist. He is working on his first novel while visiting Paris with his fiancé Inez, played by Rachel McAdams, and her unlikeable parents. If their company wasn’t bad enough, th ...

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