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About Us

test The Pender Journal is a collection of thoughts about life by people who are alive. It exists to reflect something true about that experience by sharing the thoughts, feelings, interests, and humors of its contributors.


Dylan Wedan
Dylan is the co-founder and Editor of The Pender Journal. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters in Education and currently teaches high school history.

Jon Newman
Jon is the co-founder and curator of The Pender Journal. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Visual Communication Design and works in New York City in digital advertising as a visual designer.

Arthur Keefer
Arthur graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in International Studies and German. He currently studies at Covenant Theological Seminary, planning to complete his Masters of Divinity in 2013. His interests include biblical studies, communication, philosophy and art.

Mark Earley
Mark L. Earley Jr. studied Political Science, History, and English at Virginia Tech. He’s worked in Virginia state government and the non-profit sector. He’s a student at the University of Richmond Law School and the husband of Mary Alice.

Vinnie Athey
Vinnie is a writer for The Pender Journal. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Communication and is currently on staff with RUF at the University of Florida.

Julian Burton
Julian is a writer for The Pender Journal. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in both Psychology and Religious Studies, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at The Florida State University.

Matt Lynott
Matt is a writer for the Pender Journal. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Economics and is currently a Financial Analyst at The Clearing, LLC in Washington DC.

Robert Gu
Robert is a regular contributor to the Pender Journal. He graduated from Virginia Tech and is finally putting his Journalism degree to good use. Robert lives in D.C.

Matt Bednarsky
Matt is a writer for The Pender Journal. He is a NYC-based singer/songwriter and multi-linguist. He graduated from NYU where he studied romance languages, psychology, and music.

Tom Quigley
Tom Quigley, a Jersey Shore native, fled to the mountains of Virginia to study architecture at Virginia Tech.  After graduation, he moved to the nation’s capital in search of a career, friendship, and love.  Finding all three, he now gets his kicks on Pender.

Brian Fletcher
Brian graduated from Virginia Tech with an Engineering degree and is currently living in The Netherlands.  Aside from working offshore, Brian enjoys reading, music, physical activity, and traveling.

David Loughin
David is a proud Hokie, an avid reader and a lover of the outdoors. His interests are as varied as his iTunes library. He lives in Richmond, VA and works as an analyst within the financial services industry.

AJ Minite
AJ Minite is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Politecnico di Milano.  He is constantly between projects, usually based in and around Washington, DC. I guess now he also writes.

Susan Mulla
Susan graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a degree in Communication. She now resides in Washington, DC and works for a recruitment agency for marketing and graphic design professionals. She’s honored to be the first Pender girl so far!

Brad Schiek
Brad bounced around between Virginia Tech, community college, Venezuela, and finally graduated from Radford University. He now lives in the Music City Hostel in Nashville, TN and works as a Christian campus minister on Vanderbilt University’s campus.

Steve Biederman
Stephen Biederman is from the ‘Small Wonder’ of Delaware. He is a med student at Maryland and is an active life coach who enjoys helping people reach their dreams or adjust their dreams if he thinks they are unrealistic.

Molly Donohue
Molly studied English Literature at Virginia Tech. She is currently pursuing degrees in Marriage/Family and Mental Health Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She lives on Boston’s North Shore working as a counselor for Endicott College and Northeast Behavioral Health.

Dave Herman
When Dave Herman is not contemplating the meaning of life, he writes and performs sketch and improv comedy in New York City. He’s also working 100 jobs this year and blogs about that too.

Jon Allison
Norfolk, Virginia native and graduate of Old Dominion University, Jon does anything he can to keep his Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing relevant.  He writes his own blog, The Jongle, and is stoked to join the ranks of The Pender Journal.

Tee Poplion
Tee Poplion lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he works at Loyola University New Orleans. Though his age is classified, his interests include TV, movies, comics, and music.

Daniel Strait
Daniel Strait is currently a fourth-year architecture student at Virginia Tech.  His interests include feeding giraffes, crossword puzzles, thrifting, and water polo.


Hanna Schmidt
Hanna Schmidt is Texan at her core, but has spent the past five years as a nomad between DC, Sydney, and San Antonio. She can currently be found at coffee shops across the DC metro area, where she teases out life’s truths (and silently teases fellow coffee-shop goers) daily.

Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle graduated from Virginia Tech and works for an accounting firm. Jack enjoys sunshine, long walks on the beach, and not giving a real bio so others have to make it up for him.

Andrew Hemby
Andrew is a consultant at a mid-sized technology consulting firm in Richmond, VA and Virginia Tech grad.  Before returning to his beloved RVA, he worked with a small community development organization teaching creative small business and English in Managua, Nicaragua.

Nick Burch
Nick lives in Colorado and works in brand marketing.  He loves all sports, especially golf.  He also enjoys deep relationships, understanding truth and some occasional writing.

Blaine Lay
Blaine Lay works in marketing in Charlotte, NC. He is curious. Writing helps him explore the world and make sense of it. Check out his blog, Robot Handwriting.

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